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Week one

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

The basics of Documentary Illustration

Documentary Illustration can range from a simple portrait of someone to a massive landscape. It sums up pretty much everything that tells a story. When I was younger I read comic books which were typical documentary illustrations, now I'm seeing it in my day-to-day life for example adverts. Adverts are documenting a story trying to reach a specific audience relating to this story. I never thought about illustration in this way but it really circles different media than just drawing illustrations.

We were asked to draw around campus and capture places, people or anything else. This was rather hard for me because I don't draw a lot as well as quickly and people kept moving. It did help me in a way that I had to focus on the most important parts and improvise once the people moved. Overall I definitely enjoyed drawing people more than architecture. If I had to do the task again I think I would focus more on being quick and less detailed as well as capturing more movements and atmosphere.


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