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Week ten

Tutorials and a trip to Soho!

After the tutorial I was a bit sceptical about my whole Idea and whether it was doable or not. Nevertheless, I ended up going to Soho on a Saturday Night around 11 pm. Just me and my camera. I knew it would be a risk to go by myself but I really just felt like this was something I wanted to do alone. Looking back at it, the shooting went surprisingly well. It took me about 30min to have the guts to take out my camera and go up to people asking them if they would answer a couple of questions and film them but everyone was super nice and open. I ended up asking a couple of questions to make the people in front of the camera feel more comfortable and to have more footage and information about how the people of Soho think about Soho's Nightlife. There is a rather big conflict about straight people being in Soho which makes the gay community feel unsafe and this got confirmed and brought up by multiple people. I met a lot of interesting people and the overall vibe felt very welcoming. Most older people as well as drag queens were uncomfortable being filmed but still reacted very nicely to my asking.

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