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Week Eleven


I had a very clear vision when it came to the editing. I wanted there to be music in the background which sounds busy and hectic just like Soho. I chose a song I found on the internet which I thought matched perfectly. Two Techniques - Lemon D

I started looking at the clips and cutting out the best parts I liked on Adobe Premiere. The hardest part was definitely colour-grading everything since I have barely taken videos on my camera before especially not at night and I didn't like how red they turned out.

I started off by trying mixed-media animations. I printed each frame from a clip onto a piece of paper, drew and cut over it and then scanned it. I really liked the look of it but wasn't too sure whether this would be time efficient and the quality I was aiming for. Scanning the frames gives it a look which is in my opinion unachievable to recreate but this also meant that the quality of the video would get worse.

After trying this technique I decided to go the digital route and edit everything online. I rotoscoped the animation son Photoshop using vibrant colours to represent the vibrant Soho and white pencil on top of it. While this looked very cool and colourful, it didn't really match what I was going for. There were too many different styles in one video and it didn't work together.

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